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Resource Management

Daily summary emails are sent to different staff members. 


95: IP Channel


Func1 Func2 Func3  
xx: 206 3 dhome3 - DELL tsclient orb2-machine ORB auto-backup  
     : 46 3 dhome3 - DELL   orb2-machine    
xx: 164 2 mail - COMPAQ mail   ORB daily ftp  
xx: 249 1 dhome - ASUA ftp-server orb1-machine ORB  
      20 1 dhome - ASUA   orb1-machine    
xx: 103 4 cabinet-home - IBM scanner   ORB manual backup  

Share-point locations for fms and sglroot.

Resources         Places
www.drivehq.com         sglroot, sglaccount, dekkerlee
www.web-a-file.com         fms, fms2
www.web-a-photo.com         sglroot@fmsdigi, amy815lee@hotmail.com

Customer demo status, customer updated contacts and issues are being monitored. These records are updated daily.  

Resources   server     Places
cathay.sgl   mffy-amdest     cathay Cathay123
cathay sgl   mffy-amdest     cathayadmin Changeinfo3
Resources   server     Places
fmsfiles.sgl   telimax     change3 Changeinfo3
fmsfiles sgl   telimax     cherryfms Changecer3
fmsfiles sgl   telimax     wendyfms Changewnd3
fmsfiles sgl   telimax     hlufms Changehu3
fmsfiles sgl   telimax     fmsadmin Changeinfo3
Resources   server     Places


Completed Files
The completed items and files are being archived separately. Please contact here for requesting the archived information.



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